The Ultimate Overview Of Kids Bed Canopy

Kids Bed Canopy

The Origin Of Bed Canopies

Bed canopy’s first origin was during medieval times. At this time, castles draped bulky curtains to cover their beds in order to sustain the warmth inside and evade drafts during winter.

They were then replaced by light, thin netted canopies during spring and summer in order to evade bugs and other pests. Having seen this, kids bed canopy doesn’t seem so girlie at all.


The rich later adopted the practice of sleeping under canopies simply because bed canopies had by then taken on the mystique of being associated with wealth.



The fabric Is Just One Option

Many people, when they think of a kids bed canopy, think of billowy fabric, sheen, and frill. However, it’s by far the only kind of canopy there is. The kids bed canopies can be built of wood or wrought iron too.


Creative Boys Bed Canopy Ideas

To help jump-start your creativity, here are some ways that canopies can be incorporated into some of the more popular boy’s theme bed ideas:


A treehouse theme bed could have a wooden slat platform for a lower canopy, creating a multi-use “cave” of sorts embedded in the tree’s trunk. In addition, a jungle foliage canopy extending over the upper level adding to the forest atmosphere.

A race car bed could have a sheet metal canopy as the roof of the car (it can even be made convertible) or it can form the ceiling of the garage where the race car bed is parked. Alternatively, use a canvas canopy and give your little boys a race car theme bed of their own indoor/outdoor carport.

A seafaring vessel like a sailboat, a pirate ship, an ocean liner, an aircraft carrier, or a tanker could have a canopy of sorts as its sail or mast.

• Make your little boy feel like a pioneer with a Wild West theme boy’s bedroom that incorporates a canopy into a custom covered wagon theme bed that’s on an important frontier expedition.

A jungle safari theme bed could have a netting canopy to emulate the mosquito netting needed in the buggy tropical rainforest environment.

• And lastly, drawing on the very history of bed canopies. Make your little boy feel like the lord of his manor with a princely (or kingly) custom castle bed equipped with its own canopy.


Kids Bed Canopy Varieties

Kids bed canopy comes in many different styles and with many different price tags. There are princess beds, fairy beds, and flower beds.

Some canopies are traditional and are held up by the four posts of the bed. Others have billowing gauzy fabric and some come from a hoop attached to the ceiling.


Contrary to belief, beds with canopies can also be for boys. Custom-made ones can be made into sailing boats with a half-canopy as the sail.

Forts on stilts can have a mattress with a canopy as the roof. A theme of royalty can be used with a real one bringing forth stories of kings of the past who did sleep in such beds.

These themes can be used for girls by changing colors and making a kids bed canopy for a queen instead.

canopy bed


Traditional bed canopies for kids come in many choices. Disney themes are available in Princesses, Tinker Bell, and Winnie the Pooh to name a few.

You can customize your own bedding for a child if the theme they like is not available. For instance, a boy could have Disney Pixar Cars bedding on a bright red bed with a red canopy. Or a cowboy theme could have one painted navy, cowboy bedding, and a navy canopy.


Full canopies hanging over the entire bed would make a great tent for a camping theme. A full one over a girl’s bed could become a magical place with flowers, vines, and fairy lights on a billowy canopy.


Attachable Hoop Kids Bed Canopy

Hoop canopies are available in certain themes and colors but you can also customize your own. Purchase a hoop, attach the fabric of your choice, and hang it over the bed.

You can get creative by attaching strips of ribbon, strings of beads or anything you can think of that is attachable. Strings of lights interspersed can add a warm glow to a room, create a cozy reading nook, or ease nighttime fears.

Those can also be hung on the frame of a regular kids bed canopy and can be found in shapes such as flowers or planets.


Children have always loved beds with canopies. They can be a safe refuge, an adventure waiting to happen, or a cozy place to go to sleep.

With all the bed canopies available for kids today there is sure to be one that suits everyone, and you will definitely be able to find one that will make your child happy and even excited to go to sleep when bedtime comes!


Why Do Kids Love Bed Canopies?

Kids love to have fun even when it is bedtime, this is when their imagination is at its peak. A Bed canopy, to some, maybe nothing more than a normal bed with a canopy or a roof at the top.

However, for kids, it is a huge playground that provides a lot of scope for creativity. Kids love bed canopies because they can be draped in curtains of various colors and designs.

Parents usually drape their kids bed canopies with curtains having cartoon characters or some animal or floral design printed on them.


These parents can allow themselves to get carried away by the decoration by following the whims and imagination of their kid.

The room, along with the kids bed canopy, can be transformed into something from a fairy tale. Therefore sending your kids to bed could possibly be one of the nicest things you do for them from that point on.


Bed canopies are generally known for their large size and as such, parents experience peace of mind knowing that their kids are less likely to fall asleep as they see the full of limitless imaginary possibilities.

The canopies or posts are generally arranged with curtains such that they do not only serve as a part of the decoration. They do also keep out inquisitive bugs and provide a sense of security for the kids.


They like to have their stuffed toys and special pillows to help them fill the gap and then surround everyone with their choice of curtains while they go off to dreamland, feeling a sense of calm and security.


Make Your Child Feel Special

When they are not dreaming in their sleep, they do it while wide awake.  They pretend that they are kings and queens or princes and princesses in some fairy tales because they have a bed that is fit for royalty.

Now you know how advantageous kids bed canopy is over the other beds. Let your kid have it all. Buy one today.

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