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When designing and decorating a room for their children, every parent wishes to do the best job they can so that their child always wakes in a fun, comfortable environment. You carefully select the color scheme to paint the walls and add matching furniture to complete the look.

However, when it comes to beds, most parents are stumped as to how to decorate it past getting matching sheets and pillows.

Well, we at KidsBedCanopy.com have the perfect solution for you.

About Us

If the name of the website hadn’t already given us away, we would specialize in informing you with bed canopies, specifically those designed for children’s beds.

No matter the kind of room you have or what color you’ve had it painted, we’re bound to have just the right canopy for your kid’s bed that would fit perfectly with everything else in the room.


Why Get A Canopy For Your Kids’ Beds

Well, style for one. No matter how fancy the headboard of the bed is or how elegant the set of pillows used are, there is a certain charm to bed canopies that just can’t be attained by anything else.

Bed canopies have been around for quite a while now, and it is only because of their simplistic yet elegant touch have they been in fashion for this long.


But style’s not the only thing bed canopies are good for. Since they take up a considerable amount of space, they’re able to make a large room feel less empty and a lot cozier too.

And speaking of comfort, the drapes hanging from the canopy can be closed to encircle the bed and thus make it feel warmer with the heat they trap, a major plus point if you live in relatively cold climates.

They also block in light from the windows, meaning your child can enjoy his sleep without being disturbed by the intruding rays of the morning sun through a window.


The Different Styles Available

Between individual canopies, there are a lot of things that differentiate them from one another, form the materials they’re made of, to the decorations and colors used on them, to their covering material (glass, cloth, etc.).

Nevertheless, all canopies can be classified according to the shape of their frames: traditional styles are known to rely on the cradle and rectangular ceiling frames, while the more modern frames use bolder shapes like a full cube or other curved and rectangular designs.


However, it doesn’t matter what style of canopy you end up buying since the differences among each type are almost purely aesthetic.

As long as you get one in the right size and one that matches whatever color scheme you’re going for, you’re good to go.



Overall, we at KidsBedCanopy.com want you to pick the perfect bed canopy for your children.

We understand you may be a little hesitant to buy one for your kids, but we’re confident that our wide variety of products will win you over and convince you to decorate your child’s bed with a bed canopy.